Super Smash Bros - Ultimate [12.00 + Optional Updater & All DLCS]

This Super Smash Bros Ultimate Repacked by Toxic

Original Size - 18GB

Repack Size - From 13.5GB

Need For Installing - 20GB

Download - Mega

Some Questions and Points to be noticed

Notice - If you Don't Want DLC and Optional Update Content then Skip DLCOptional.bin & OptionalUpdater.bin But During Installation it will Ask you from Disc 2&3 "DLCOptional.bin & OptionalUpdater.bin " So just Simply Click on ignore and Your Installing will continue

Warning Don't Click on Retry or Abort

For Those Who are going to Download DLCs And Update

There are a few file types of switch games NSP, XCI, NSZ etc. You should ONLY download NSP or XCI. NSZ won't work. So you might ask do i download NSP or XCI? Well its up to you, both are fine. Now make a folder and put your game files in it (only the game not the update or dlc). Open yuzu and double click on the yuzu screen. It will prompt you to select a folder, select the folder where you put the games, it will start to show the games you downloaded. You can launch a game by double clicking on it but first let's see how to install DLCs and updates. Go to the upper left corner and click file and "Install files to NAND" and choose your update/DLC file. After Updating You Can Delete this Update File

Q1 .Why Do We Have to Update the Game by ourselves ?

A1.V11 Got an complete new iso file ,but users have to manually update to 12 because it depends on the user.

Download & Install

Browse the Nsp File through Yuzu

and play

PS - There is a Guide to Update Yuzu , But I Don't Recommend to do that , because it downgrade your performance.

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