Second Extinction [7.7GB]

Second Extinction

Based on Second.Extinction.v1.0.11.0-OFME

Version = v1.0.11.0

Release Size - 8.55GB

Repack Size - 7.7/7.8GB

Required - 9GB

Download :- G-Drive

How To Play

Make a Alt to For MS Store And Xbox App (PC) to Ignore any AC Bans ( Even tho there is only 0.01% Chance of any kinda ban )

2. Run the UWP_Helper.bat,which is located in the folder with the game. (performed once)

3. Enable Developer Mode.

(reboot your PC if necessary) (done once)

Beforeturning on developer mode, check out what it is on the Internet.

4. Install the game (Install Game).

(performed once)

5. Disable Developer Mode.

(performed once)

6. Launch the game through the start



In the game: Connection: We accept an invitation from a friend. Creating a server:Invite friends and expect them to connect.

Information about network modes: CO-OP: 3 MULTIPLAYER: 0 Notes:

You can play on official servers.

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