Escape From Tarkov (9.1GB Toxic-Repacked)

This is Escape From Tarkov By Toxic

Original Size - 18.8GB

Repack Size - 9.1GB

Size Needed for Installation - 20GB


You need - DirectX , Microsoft VC++ and Dot Net To run the game

Most Awaited Person For this Game - Spawn (Disqus)


Notice 1- To play game, go inside the ‘Escape.from.Tarkov’ folder > ‘AKI Server-A6’ > Right click and run ‘Server.exe’ (Leave it open, do not close it)

Next go inside the ‘Client.’ folder, right click and run ‘Launcher’ as administrator

Select “Edge of Darkness” in the Edition drop-down, then click “Register’ (No sign-in is

required). Now you can start the game.

You might be asked to install dot net 5.0 package if you do not already have it. Click yes and make sure to install it otherwise the game won’t launch.

Notice 2- Before I created .bin files for it , but it was causing problems so I switched to .arc , normally I use .bin , If you still face any error then Turn of Anti-Virus , and Install in a Folder With 3 letters , example - JC3

Download - Mega (9.1GB) | Toxic-Repacks-Community |


Step1- Download The Setup From ( Download Start.exe as Zip)

step2-Install The Game ( Disable Your Antivirus )

Step3-Enjoy Your Game :)

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